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>Actually, the restriction of Iboga and IbogaineHCL is Denmark is already
>effective since the  03.12.2003.

>Following is the English translation from the ELDD(European legal database
>on drugs (www.eldd.emcdda.eu.int):

>"DENMARK: Ibogain added to list of controlled substances (05/12/2003)

>Following a recommendation of The National Board of Health concerning
>tabernanthe iboga and ibogain (12-methoxyibogamin), the Danish Minister
>for the Interior and Health has decided to add the mentioned plant and 
>to the Danish list of controlled plants and substances.

>Consequently, the Minister has signed the Executive Order amending the
>Executive Order on Euphoriant Substances which has entered into force on
>3 December 2003. Tabernanthe iboga and ibogain (12-methoxyibogamin) may now
>only be used for medical or scientific purposes.


As the regulation allows for medical use does this mean that a Danish heroin 
user can self administer ibogaine to treat their addiction, a medical 


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