[ibogaine] BIG brother is watching you

CallieMimosa at aol.com CallieMimosa at aol.com
Fri Dec 12 11:16:23 EST 2003

That is more real than many of us realize!
I hate those Kroger Plus cards and the Food Lion MVP cards! Hell, those folks 
know all about us by the grocery items we buy! They can tell we are 
celebrating a birthday cause we buy cake, mixes, candles and ice cream. They know when 
our menstrual cycle is by tracking when we buy tampons. They know when we are 
dieting by the lettuce and radishes we buy!
Hell, they could probably look at our past groceries bought and put together 
a profile of us like those detective profilers do for serial killers!
We are quickly becoming just faceless numbers and computer print 
outs.......won't be long until humans are no longer needed, the machines will carry on 
life fine without us!
WOW! I got way off there but...............
Peace to all!

BTW also........do any of you have anything to share on coping with these 
dreadful Christmas holidays?
Every year I feel the same......broke and embarrassed that I can't give like 
I want to.
My two sons are the only ones I worry about but it seems every December I am 
more broke than any other time of year!
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
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