[drugwar] but poll doesn't seem to be....

adam gur adamg at 013.net.il
Thu Dec 11 22:06:31 EST 2003

Hi all,

You're gonna thank me for this---- this is about those annoying pop-ups
Just go and download the best web browser out there; Avant Browser----

It's 100% free, no nags, no ads, nothing that I can complain about,  it's a
2meg download-
and it comes with a bunch of features that Microshit can't afford to ever
(because hey, they wouldn't be Microshit if they did)
Things like 'block pop-ups' and 'block flash' buttons on the menubar....
or  middle-click on a link to open the page in a new window that
opens up *BEHIND* the one you're on...

I tried Opera which has a lot going for it but this is *free*, no
limitations, real easy,
it will load with all your favorites/links so no hassle there... enjoy....
except 2 things-

1) don't accept/don't install the AI Roboform (3rd party plugin); it's not
worth the
hassle- unless you're juggling a whole bunch of passwords- and

2) double-click on the speaker icon on the bottom right corner of the
browser to
turn off the beep everytime the browser kills a popup.... (the number, next
to the
speaker, on the other hand, never fails to make me smile)



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> When you vote, this site barfs a whole bunch of annoying popups in your
> face, which at first fooled me into thinking the poll wasn't working.
> Persevere and kill all the popups. Last night when I voted, the results
> 'zackly 60 percent for legalizin' eeeet, 40 against.
> Elmer
> PS: Until drugwar at mindvox takes a laxative, I'll just note that I'm
> this message at 12:31 pm EST.
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> Subject: [drugwar] but poll doesn't seem to be....
> >working.
> >Grrrr. Keep trying folks if you feel like it. I am.
> >Peace,
> >Preston
> >
> >(poll at http://www.dougstephan.com )
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