NYPD raids CR meeting focusing on police brutality

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I checked out 'world war 3 report', because the story in question 
had a certain odor that I associate with the worst of b-movies... 
you know; the kind that brings out homicidal tendencies in the 
best of us... not that I'm questioning ww3's  journalistic integrity
or their fact-gathering capabilities...

So I googled up the sources in question and guess what; 
no credible source behind this story, nothing but wishful 
hyperboling by a bunch of pouting revolutionary wannabes.... 

This is the gist of it---

A 'private fundraising benefit' at 2am??? for the
1st Anarchist People of Color (APOC) conference-
(an anarchy conference -- like an all-mimes' karaoke night)
hosted at the Critical Resistance officespace at 968 Atlantic 
Avenue,  Brooklyn... (read mastermind's bedroom in mom's apartment ) 
...with up to 100 attendees? (And as low as...?)

Come on.... this is worse than pedophiliac chain-mail.... These
dimwits deserve all the police brutality ever seen on mexican tv!
They have no problem with slander, lying, inciting and stirring shit up,
because they're your neighborhood revolutionaries, and they 
deserve media coverage and your financial support... 

Here are a few precious quotes from the Critical Resistance
original 'press releases'... (2 on the same page)


"..law enforcement <cut> is engaged in a campaign to 
terrorize communities of color <cut> particularly those revolutionary 
activists <cut> that seek to create spaces of resistance and rebellion" 
(whoa there, young skywalker!)

"Approximately 21 marked police vehicles arrived..." 

Throngs of police indiscriminately sprayed chemical agents, beat 
people with nightsticks, punched, shoved, kicked and dragged people 
along sidewalks --- At least one camera used to record the incident was 
confiscated and/or destroyed (and/or never existed)  People suffered 
various injuries, from  transgender harassment (hey!) to blunt trauma (pow!) 
lacerations, contusions (bang!) and lower back spasms (Oyyy..!). 
One person was treated for a hematoma (oooh!) on his 'right frontal skull'. 
(his posterior one's ok though..)

Noun: Hematoma (Hematomata); A localized swelling filled with blood.

"I was stunned at the severity of the attack, and I am genuinely 
concerned for the safety (hic!) and well-being of those who were unfairly 
detained and arrested," said witness (buuurp) at the scene of the incident.

"Legal council at the scene (ROTFL!) confirmed that at least 8 arrests were made."

So let's tally up -- 100 attendees, 20.3 police cruisers, 8 bruised assholes....and 
legal council at the scene..(hahahahaa!!!)

* Support our work by making a financial contribution. 
(Make checks payable to "Brecht Forum" and write 
"Critical Resistance NYC, sucker" in the memo line.)

And from the APOC site---
We invite any and all persons of color.. <cut> ..we ask that all white 
privileged individuals to respect our autonomy and do not come.


Someone should explain the term 'anarchy' to these well-meaning vigilantes....



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> HI all,
>     This report doesn't actually discuss drugs, but due to all the druggies
> in the US who face police brutality on a daily basis, I figure it pertains.
> Peace,
> Preston
> http://www.ww3report.com/93.html#warathome1
> A private fundraising event in Brooklyn for the activist group Critical
> Resistance was raided by the New York Police Department Nov. 16. Up to 100
> people in attendance were indiscriminately sprayed with chemical agents,
> beaten with nightsticks, and otherwise harassed by a throng of police
> officers. Witnesses say there was no provocation for the assaults and the
> subsequent arrests.
> Over 25 police vehicles arrived at 968 Atlantic Ave., the location of the
> event, at around 2 AM, to investigate an officer's report of someone
> standing outside the party holding an "open container." Within minutes,
> attendees said, the police attacked the crowd, beating attendees who were
> not resisting their orders. Over 20 people experienced effects of the pepper
> spray that was erratically sprayed into the air by the officers.
> All tenants of the private residential building were present at the event,
> did not request police assistance, and no one in the building placed a
> complaint with either the local precinct or the emergency response system.
> Witnesses report that no warrant was presented upon police entrance. At
> least eight arrests were made on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting
> arrest and inciting riot. The 77th Precinct, where the arrestees were
> initially held, refused to provide any information about the status of those
> arrested. Emergency medical technicians visited the precinct to attend to
> those who sustained serious injuries, which reportedlt include bruised ribs,
> a spinal injury, and severe blows to the head.
> Critical Resistance is a national grassroots group that focuses on prisons
> and police brutality, and challenges the belief that policing, surveillance,
> imprisonment, and similar forms of control make our communities safer.
> (Critical Resistance action alert, Nov. 16) [top]
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