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Hi GeeCee

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, GanjaCat wrote:

> Sorry, dude
> But no matter how much you emphasise the P word this is, by definition
> (and at best!) meta-science i.e it is incapable of being formulated into
> a consistent and testable theory under the accepted rules of the science
> and mathematics.

I can't agree, BIOcybernetics is no meta-science. It has all attributes of
science, and it's broader than science, too. When someone learns to
measure levels of BIOenergies, he/she gets exactly same results as anyone
else (measuring certain BIOsystem, for example). It's like operating a
machine (or device, like Voltmeter, for example); once you learn how to
operate it, you get same results as any other operator. And that's the
point of science - that every experiment is repeatable, and results are
the same, isn't it?

Mathematics is quite limited branch of science. You can't prove everything
with its formulas. Human BIOsystem is much better for proving
something. I can feel ALPHA and BETA rays, feel their qualitative
difference, and I know that something is there even if there's no
mathematical formulas (yet?) which would prove the existence of what I

BIOcybernetics is already formulated into a consistent and testable and
provable theory under the accepted rules of the science (but it's not
translated to English yet). And - do you remember Galileo, the man who
discovered that Earth is circling around the Sun? Nobody belived him (by
that I mean also the scientists of that time - they didn't bother to
check his discovery), but he KNEW he was right and said "Eppur si muove"
just before he was burnt...

> Where are the peer-reviews?

Ibogaine is known for more than 100 years; its anti-addiction properties
are known for more than 30 years, and peer-reviews started only recently.

BIOcybernetics was (re)discovered 10 years ago. How do you ecpect
peer-reviews in such a short time (for science), when it's only getting
into the world? There is variety of people involved in BIOcybernetics
(here in Slovenia), from "ordinary" people to a programmer who is one of
few people who have licence to write sensitive programs for US government
to religious leader...

> Really, twaddle like this should be kept to such esteemed organs of
> truth as 'The National Enquirer' not peddled as proven wisdom. And I'm
> being generous here. At heart I regard this as a money-making scam of
> the gullible. 

That's your opinion. You have right to have an opinion, but don't forget
that you haven't tested BIOcybernetics, so your opinion doesn't count. A
friend of mine who is a journalist had similar opinion as you have. Then
he had an interview with Mr. Gorenc, and he smoked a joint before they
started. Mr. Gorenc BIOcybernetically cleaned him and my friend was
shocked : "What have you done to me? I'm not stoned any more!!"

Try it first, and judge later. Now you sound like those doctors who don't
believe that Ibogaine does what we say it does, and they don't want to
research it because they KNOW it doesn't work... Now you sound like
"scientists" who were guilty for Galileo's death...

> [quote] Are you having heavy medical problems?
> I can prove that you've spent the majority of your life in a high level
> death beam that has damaged your immunity and genetic system and
> consequently your metabolism and your mental health. The tissue was also
> damaged, but only in those parts that were exposed to the death beam.
> The measurement results in the 33rd dimension will reveal that you are
> currently in the S22 measurement window and are slowly gliding into
> heavier and heavier disease. You pass window S23 and eventually reach
> window S24. If you don't do something, you're just waiting for death
> there. We will give you affordable and reliable information about what
> to do to slow the disease down, to stop it and sometimes even to
> completely defeat it..[unquote]

Yes, this quote is true. It's just that you don't know what it means.
Don't worry, I didn't understand 10% when I read the BIOcybernetics book
for the first time. But I knew that I could feel rays, so I started to
read it again. And again. Then I attended 6-months seminar on
BIOcybernetics and now I understand it (quite) well. And no, I wasn't
brain-washed ;-)

If you want, I can send you English translation of my seminar paper/essay
in .pdf (just need a few more days to finish it). Perhaps I'll send it to
the list ;-))

> Maybe a good dose of the root would cure you of this need to seek
> greater truth than that which lies within all of us.

Funny, a good dose of the root boosted my need to find the absolute truth!
And BIOcybernetics is MUCH closer to it than anything else I researched so
far! Besides, it's extremely precise!


> Blessings
> GeeCee

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