[ibogaine] Philip K Dick spectrum - Physics of the Mysterious : origins of Iboga

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> I can prove that you've spent the majority of your life in a high level
> death beam that has damaged your immunity and genetic system and
> consequently your metabolism and your mental health. The tissue was also
> damaged, but only in those parts that were exposed to the death beam.

That damned death beam will get you everytime. from what I understand it is
projected from planetX. They power the death beam with molten gold, which was
first harvested here on earth by the Nibiru, and which is why to this day Gold
is so valuable. Fort Knox is actually a transfer station for the alien gold,
which is transported back to planetX by alien anti-gravity technology. The
Nibiru first mined for gold in Africa, where they also planted many medicinal
plants for themselves, Iboga Tabernathe included. 

The death beam was originally designed to mind control the hominid/alien hybrid
slaves (Homo Sapiens), but was rendered useless once the slaves began chewing
the bitter root of the iboga plant, expanding their minds and revealing the
truth, which led to revolt against the Nibiru and the begining of human
civilization. The Nibiru consequently got mighty pissed and modified the death
beam to inflict suffering on the generations that followed in the footsteps of
our once-slave ancestors. The Nibiru use gold particles suspended in their
atmosphere to deflect harmful cosmic rays and to shield their presence from
other lifeforms.


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