[ibogaine]Has anyone tried the pre ibogaine treament clinic in ddetroit Re: GMfCL 2003 #48: Montreal Ibo-Clinic OPEN!;

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Sat Dec 6 21:44:04 EST 2003

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<< im not gonna do it at the one in detroit cuz im on medicade and dude they 
want you to sign away all your rights that they are not totally responsuble 
for what could happen  >>

Follow your instincts.  No one in all of medicine is totally responsible for 
what will happen under any circumstances.  Ibogaine is an experimental 
medication and anyone who is dosing you with it is required to tell you it is 
experimental and they cannot guarantee anything including your safety. 

My suggestion would be that if you want off of methadone,  come down real 
slow on the methadone.  Maybe 5 mg or less a month.  If you don't want to stay on 
methadone and if medicaid in detroit will pay for buprenorphine and you can 
find a doctor who will give you then you may want to try it.  It is a narcotic 
also but, can be administered by a doctor in an office.  But, you have to be 
on 30mg/day or less of methadone to switch to buprenorphine.

Are you using only methadone or heroin as well?


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