[ibogaine]Has anyone tried the pre ibogaine treament clinic in ddetroit Re: GMfCL 2003 #48: Montreal Ibo-Clinic OPEN!;

Nik goosebumpz2002 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 5 14:07:20 EST 2003

this is that person and first of all i cant afford it its pretty funny well cinicle  really how many junkies do you know that have at a minimum $1,000.00 dollers for one maybe two ibo sessions. These Drs. really dont know a whole lot abooout the actual state of addiction how they talked everything was very clinical and they have number amount s  ofr mg/to body kg shit and they talked  like well then you do this and you do that they also believe that ibogaine treatment can be vary dangerous for someone using 150mgs  of methadone a day or alot of heroin thhtey estimate it by bags or tenths of grams. its pretty shady of a place its of 6 mile and likje gtratiot i believe and fucking sucks down there shit thats wre some peple used to cop or atleast a friend told me he did once or something but man i am fucking sick to my soul with using methadone i feel like a big baby or pussy that i cant do it i am down to 60 mgs from 125 mg that was two months ago i would come down like 5 or 10mgs on a
 friday and would be bouge till next friday when i start to assimailate back to the  dose then back down usually 5 if i went down ten cuz i sucks being sick and that while still doing the other say 90 mgs then  80 or whatever man noone ever has any actual reports about their experiences at any particuklar place its like we all know when something sounds too good it almost99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999989% of the time is fictional so yaa all these people say ya oh i went and did two sesions and ii was using for x amount of years and now im all better dude i know its not that blatent and  if it was cheaper in canada i would try it there and im not gonna do it at the one in detroit cuz im on medicade and dude they want you to sign away all your rights that they are not totally responsuble for what could happen 

HSLotsof at aol.com wrote:In a message dated 12/5/03 12:18:37 AM, goosebumpz2002 at yahoo.com writes:

> I went and checked it out and the doc sugeesstedd that i switch to heroin
>if possible before he starts he has a grant the only one in the us at the
>time who else has tried it they dont dispenxse ibo tther but they give
>you lots of other meds and are willing to detox well start giving you 
>methdone if your using huge anounr s of heroion of scriptss he givess 30mgs
>maximum then detoxes you 2 mgs a day till your atb 10 mgs then one mg every
>other day then when tyyour at 5 mgs they take you across the brder to
>the other clinic excuse me while at 15 mgs of met then slowly up your
>does of ibo and lower it till your at 5 mgs then one medium sesion then
>1 mg a day for 5 days and then a whopper dose then redose 4 days later
>then he gives you 4 doses of ibo that are very small that are to be taken
>at various apointments

Why is all this opiate manipulation being done with 30mg of methadone to 
dose someone with ibogaine? What comprises a medium session (dose)? What is 
whopper dose? What are very small doses? Why does the person not go 
across the border and get dosed with ibogaine?



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