[ibogaine]Has anyone tried the pre ibogaine treament clinic in ddetroit Re: GMfCL 2003 #48: Montreal Ibo-Clinic OPEN!;

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> I went and checked it out and  the doc sugeesstedd that i switch to heroin
>if possible before he starts he has a grant the only one in the us at the
>time who else has tried it they dont dispenxse ibo tther but they give
>you lots of other meds and are willing to detox well start giving you 
>methdone if your using huge anounr s of heroion of scriptss he givess 30mgs
>maximum then detoxes you 2 mgs a day till your atb 10 mgs then one mg every
>other day then  when tyyour at 5 mgs they take you across the brder to
>the other clinic excuse me while at 15 mgs  of met then slowly up your
>does of ibo and lower it till your at 5 mgs then one medium sesion then
>1 mg a day for 5 days and then a whopper dose then redose 4 days later
>then he gives you  4 doses of ibo that are very small that are to be taken
>at various apointments

Why is all this opiate manipulation being done with  30mg of methadone  to 
dose someone with ibogaine?  What comprises a medium session (dose)?  What is 
whopper dose?  What are very small doses?  Why does the person not go 
across the border and get dosed with ibogaine?



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