[ibogaine] Philip K Dick spectrum - Physics of the Mysterious

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Thu Dec 4 15:23:39 EST 2003

On [Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 02:01:02PM +0200], [adam gur] wrote:

| And why does it take forever to post and even then, only some people seem to
| be getting
| some of the posts- some of the time...?

We are debugging mail.  The previous timeout for slow connections was
apparently not slow enough.  ALL messages *should* be propagating to ALL
subscribers at this point in time.  Although, for some people on
overloaded servers -- hotmail in particular -- it may take a few tries
before the message makes it out of the queue and into their mailbox.

A secondary issue is that some sites appear to be blocking us -- or,
rather, all of above.net; which is the IP range we moved to, when we lit
up with mo' bettah bandwidth to burN, a few weeks ago.

Both ISSUES are being dealt with.  NO MAIL should simply be going off into
oblivion at this point in time, SOME mail for SOME subscribers may take a
few hours to land.  This will be fixed by the weekend.  The blacklists may
take a few more days, since this involves dealing with computer-twerps who
have nothing to do with their lives except run spam-lists.  "It CLEARLY
indicates in our RECORDS, that YOUR IP range was used to send SPAM in

That's nice, we've been using this IP range for 5 weeks, so, like, unblock
it, or we'll come to your house and beat your fucking head in.  We're not
smart enough to sell anything, all of this is just a weird hobby / public
edyUkaYShunAhl serVice.  <-- That's the gist anyway, it's usually more
helpful to just have a lawyer call up and pretend he's a human being --
instead of a lawyer -- and he's deeply concerned with their issues
(whateverTheFuck they happen to be), but since we don't own above.net,
much less whatever site lived there 5 companies ago, prior to the glorious
fusion of dot.bomb disasters, restructurings, and lawsuits, that led to
the glory of all that is the present incarnation of above.net ... just
like, reset your records.  Thanks a bunch.  The EnD.

In short: shit happens, 


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