[ibogaine] Survey-please help!

Jaden Shaw jadensheldon at yahoo.ca
Wed Dec 3 17:01:14 EST 2003

lisa steckler <alex05301 at yahoo.com> wrote:Ibogaine Survey
Please help - I am trying to put together some
information to present to my addiction class. Your
imput would be much appreciated. Please email surveys
back to me by December 5th. Thank you.

1) # of times you have taken ibogaine __ 4 _____ since_2002_
1b) If you have never taken it, your interest in this
mailing list is (please complete as many questions
that follow as possible)__________

2) Reasons you have taken it are (list as many as
possible)_addiction interuptor____________

3) Your age now __26____
4) Your drug use history (brief)__all, but most recently coke and heroin IV speed, pills, dillys, benzos____________________

5) Current use/recovery situation __no use. My recovery situation sucks. I dont really have one. Ive been trying to get my sister off the street._______

6) Longest abstinence following ibogaine treatment
_4 months___________
7) History of use of any psychopharmacuticals (anti
depressents, etc) _

8) During time when ibogaine was ‘in effect’, any
steps you took to avoid relapse in the
future___ive never used my window to its fullest. Im too focused on getting my family off the streets. ____________

9) Ways ibogaine has affected your spiritual
perspectives/connections:__huge ways. It let me in. I have spirituality now and I follow it. __

10) Ways ibogaine has affected your long term
emotional/mental stability:_I couldnt say____

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this
as fully as possible. Your answers will aid my
process of introducing this treatment option to my
class. Again thank you so much. -Lisa 

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