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Belle journéeHello Ganjacat, thanks for your answer.
I'm pretty interested too in new way of exploring what " reality " is and I've read years and years ago, lot of fascinating science-fiction books.
For sure they have contributed in nourishing my curiosity and feeling : " There is something else than what I'm told".

I guess one of the story I'd prefered was a short one, probably one of PKD, the story of a man isolated somewhere, and who found that his way out  was inside himself, waouh, what an inspiration for the teen-ager I was then ;-)
I felt that " it was echoing in my self "deeply : some key for me was there, hidden.

Time has run, and I've discovered that the mysterious clue given in this book was the echo of one universal wisdom and knowledge.
There are maybe parallels universes, crossing of differents realities, different levels of the same reality, or different ways to experiment reality, that is ok for me and very interesting !.
Following my own path, I choose to open my mind to the thoughts or informations that echo well inside.
As I consider that I have choice and responsability, I now pay special attention to new or old ideas that could let suppose some men or women would be inferior to some others, may it comes from a human or a non-human point of view !. 
Separation, apartheid is there, that's a kind of trap, acting as a subliminal message.
I'm not interested in cocreation of that sort of universe, may it be true or virtual.

I don't know how this sounds in english " Be at one with the many " ? Those are words I've get in my mind, like some hope. In my feeling they sound as "Unity", but the grammary is perhaps not a good one ?

I've learned some day that we as human beings have our usual senses, view, hearing and so on, and another that was quite new for my understanding : the feeling of being with others, the " US "; I mean, "us" and not United States of America ! ;-)
This us is openess.

Friendly to all friendly creatures !


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  Hi Martine,


  I have to admit that I'm enough of an anorak (English expression) to have some familiarity with some of the stuff talked about in the posted article -


  The quantum-consciousness work of Roger Penrose I find particularly fascinating


  and have read quite a lot of PKD sci-fi too.


  But I too am intensely uncomfortable with the 'overall direction' that this paradigm takes. I can't really put my finger on it, but as you say it smacks of pseudo-elitism.


  Like you, I am in favour of seeing what changes if the dude takes Iboga


  But there again, remember I'm developing into somewhat of a hard-liner - 


  If pushed I would stand for Ibo not just being legal or accepted, but being COMPULSORY!


  (Exits whistling "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf".)






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  Hello, I'd like to react for this post "Physic of the Mysterious" cause I don't get it clear enough, maybe due to the time I need to digest the whole message sent.


  As for myself, I first felt pretty interested on sunday, and thought " At last someone can explain simply things about physic and so on ", but today, the day after, I'm not so sure I'll will get more knowledge, even if for the moment, I've only " overviewed" the text : I feel uncomfortable.


  Thus being said, I'm not at all able to talk about the scientific theories or researches presented.


  I've surfed on the site related "cassiopaea.org" and I got the same uncomfortable feeling, first interest and then some kind of "weight" growing. 

  And again, I'm not talking about scientific stuff.


  The job done seems considerable, but I felt shocked after a glance I had on some of the theories expressed on two supposed kinds of human beings :

  First human beings serving as organic portals, taking energy from others, being considered as " having no souls" and secondly others considered as having a soul and thus " able to evoluate further ".

  I really don't like it. Again some kind of inferior beings and superior ones ? Again ? And that theory coming from sources that the common reader cannot check ?


  The worst for me is that the theory speaks of mixed kind of humans, it means that in the same family, one may have first kind and second kind of human beings, is this a theory supposed to create the harmony, the respect, the openess I'm longing for ? " Half of the humanity taking energy from the other half".


  I feel sadness. But I'm perhaps only one portal, not a being supposed to evoluate soon, and I've to wait for my turn in the big evolution.




  Does the writer of this text have " eaten the wood " as the Bwitis say, did he experimented Iboga ?

  I'm longing for reactions of readers of that list, really.









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