[ibogaine] Philip K Dick spectrum - Physics of the Mysterious

adam gur adamg at 013.net.il
Wed Dec 3 07:42:50 EST 2003

Hey all,

Am I missing something here....?

Phillip K Dick passed away in 82.... but not before
imparting some crystaline-pure visionary-fiction...
Some 42 novels and over 120 short stories....
There's also a new flick, Paycheck, by John Woo
coming out soon, based on a short story by the same name...

So what's the connection between Jadczyk's
'Physics of the Mysterious' and Phillip K. Dick..?

Because it's kinda lame and misleading to ommit
Jadczyk's name as author of that piece of work,
and 'spectrum' doesn't really clarify much in itself....

I was really keen on reading PKD's take on 'physics'
and 'mysterious' and then I got a sense of  dejas vue,
because I'd been to cassiopaea ages ago and like most
folks, got turned off by the whole 'organic portals' or
'garden variety psychopaths'...
(with or without their montalk retraction/disclaimer)

And maybe Jadzcyk's "Physics of the Migraine-Inducing Mystery"
wouldn't be so bad if it didn't end with his concluding that we, you and I,
are really Universal Debugging Units... Which, as anyone with 2 spare
neurons in the attic knows, is false and delusional- we are Disney's
Debugging Units....

Where are the men in black when you need them...

peace, Adam

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> Ah, someone else who doesn't understand PKD. It's ok, because you're in
> majority. You're taking him too literally. You should read VALIS.
> BTW, his stories and novels have been the basis for many films, including
> Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall.
> - jt
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> So, this is not even a theory; I see this as a heap of assumptions and
> guesses. Nothing is proven. Internet is full of such garbage, and some
> people believe in such things when they read them.
> This whole article is on wrong basis. Author perhaps hasn't realised yet
> that the Universe is electrical in nature. And this IS proven.
> And voices which that woman hears are just hallucinations - or fraud.
> ANYONE can claim that he/she has a contact with someone/something... but
> there is NO evidence of that. NO proof.
> Such people are generated by G-BETA BIOtechnlogy. For more info on this
> subject see http://www.ati-e-import.si/  And I can guarantee that data
> here IS proven ;-))
> Marko
> Physics of the Mysterious
>   I. Introduction
>  I am going to talk about Time Travel. But, before I get to that most
> mysterious of subjects, there is some groundwork that must be dealt with
> first.
> This will be a series of notes that will appear at this place on the Web,
> one
> section at a time. I will add new stuff as often as I can, so that, little
> by
> little, there will be more and more until we get into the fun part, so
> please
> be patient. It is not a subject that can be rushed. The point is that I
> have
> little time. I have my work, I have my research, and also....

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