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>( His son, after a third treatment,
has stayed off heroin for six months.  ) <

Great Fucking News indeed Marc, really, I'm am very, very happy for both you
and your son.

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> Bro I think what you said is right, everybody means well but has their
> own agenda and interests and nobody is ever going to unite in some one
> big movement.
> I like what everyone does in their own way but I take it all with a grain
> of salt and half a bowl ;-) or I start getting upset and have no need
> for the negative energy until I ask myself why am I getting so overwrought
> by something that doesn't really matter and doesn't have anything to
> do with helping ibogaine.
> Dana and Patrick have all these connections with each other besides
>  but you read the archives on google of the list from years ago and they
> have 100 mile long messages calling each other assholes ;-) You read
> the media that people post to this list and it's all great, but do a
> search on agood engine like mapinc and you find stories that nobody who
> is involved ever reprints on here.
> Here's a not so positive Marc Emery story where his neghbors are
> that he has addicts tripping in a apartment building and then sets them
> loose, continued with his plans to start for pay detox clinics and compete
> with Mash. More power bro, the more the merrier :-)
> Peace out, smoke out. 'Organized' is just another word for 'follow me
> and give me more credit and power' ;-) Same old. To make sure I say what
> I mean, I am not disprespecting anyone, I think what Marc does is great,
>  I think what Dana does is great, I think Patrick is great, I think Mash
> is great, I think Howard is great, I think everyone involved with ibogaine
> is doing the right thing in their own way.
> I don't think anyone has a lock on 'being right' or better, or having
> some more pure intention.
> Peace out,
> Curtis
> http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v03/n1779/a09.html?1746
> URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v03/n1779/a09.html
> Newshawk: Herb
> Pubdate: Sat, 01 Nov 2003
> Source: Vancouver Magazine (CN BC)
> Contact: mail at vancouvermagazine.com
> Website: http://www.vanmag.com/
> Author: Ross Crockford
> Bookmark: http://www.mapinc.org/find?196 (Emery, Marc)
> A West End addiction clinic test-drives tries an African drug.
> Residents of the West End live on top of each other, but they're often
> clueless about their neighbours.  Consider the tenants of a particular
> condo tower near Stanley Park.  The retirees drifting back from breakfast,
>  the Japanese girl heading out for a run-they'd never guess that up in
> one neighbor's apartment this morning, a Seattle dominatrix is trying
> to kick her addiction to heroin by undergoing a treatment rooted in
> shamanism.
> Kelly, 34, pale and thin, her eyes flickering, is wrapped in sheets on
> a bed, whispering of dragons and wolves.  She's 24 hours into a three-
> day hallucinogenic trip induced by ibogaine, an extract of Tabernanthe
> iboga, a shrub native to Gabon.  In that region's Bwiti religion, it's
> believed that chewing the plant's root enables people to speak with the
> dead.  "She's been speaking in tongues, too," says Marc Emery, munching
> on 7-Eleven crudites in the living room.  "They don't understand what
> they're seeing.  It's after, when they're clean, that they reflect on
> it."
> Emery's no doctor.  He is, of course, better known as Vancouver's loudest
> pot activist and the owner of a $3-million marijuana seed business.
> Now some of that wealth funds his clandestine Iboga Therapy House, a
> free clinic and the first of its kind in Canada.  Over the past year,
>  he's dosed 28 hardcore addicts-including his own adopted son-with
>  which reportedly purges all cravings for drugs after its hallucinations
> fog the trauma of withdrawal.  "From our perspective, it's going great,
> " says Emery- although nearly all of his "patients" have relapsed into
> drug use after a month or two clean, and he's now getting them in for
> week-long follow-up treatments.  ( His son, after a third treatment,
> has stayed off heroin for six months.  ) Emery says the ibogaine and
> round-the-clock "facilitators" trained in first aid cost him $2,000 per
> patient.  "But all education costs money."
> Ibogaine is illegal in the United States, but it isn't in Canada, which
> is why Emery's clinic has recently been cited in publications ranging
> from LA Weekly to the Journal of the American Medical Association.  It's
> been applauded by U.S.  drugpolicy liberals, who claim it could complement
> Vancouver's new safe injection site by reducing the demand for hard drugs.
> But Emery has also enraged addiction doctors in the States who accuse
> him of running a dangerous, uncontrolled experiment: over the past 20
> years, at least three patients at other clinics have died after taking
> ibogaine.  ( Emery insists all of his patients have a full medical
>  "Even though we're dealing with vulnerable, healthimpacted individuals,
>  I never really see any serious health anomalies.  It seems very safe
> to me." ) Emery has also angered members of the Vancouver Area Network
> of Drug Users, who say he refuses to treat addicts from the downtown
> east side, and plans to create a "detox resort" like similar ibogaine
> clinics in Panama and the Virgin Islands that charge up to $15,000 per
> treatment.  But Emery says he can't waste his money on someone headed
> straight back to a welfare hotel awash in smack.  "I need these people
> to have some ability to succeed," he says.  "And I've never asked anybody
> for a cent."
> The real question, of course, is whether ibogaine really helps the people
> who take it.  Kevin, a Coquitlam car salesman, subjected himself to
> treatment to break a decade-long crack habit.  He suffered 19 hours of
> vomiting and gruesome hallucinations, "like something out of Caligula,
> " he says.  Neurologists have found that ibogaine increases serotonin
> levels, like an antidepressant, and simultaneously shuts off cocaine
> and heroin receptors in the brain-but, Kevin says, "it had absolutely
> no effect on me whatsoever." He went back to using within a month.  Still,
>  at least that was a month clean.  A fresh start.  And for that, he's
> grateful.  "Whether or not I like Marc and his tactics, I have to respect
> him.  At least he gave me the opportunity to change my life."
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> wrote:
> >Go Dana! :)
> >
> >I'll do everyone a favor and cut out half of the bulletin which
> >is
> >reprinting messages already posted to this list :)
> >
> >I found the after ibogaine list subscribe from the archives, it's
> >sacrament at mindvox.com. sacrament-subscribe at mindvox.com
> >
> >.:vector:.
> >
> >--- Dana Beal <dana at cures-not-wars.org> wrote:
> >> Ibogaine Treatment Now Accessible in Montreal--Call 212-677-7180!
> >>
> >> For years now Cures not Wars has been referring addicts for treatment
> >> in Holland, Mexico, Vancouver and the Caribbean. At last we are
> >doing
> >> our own treatments for folks in the North Eastern U.S.--conveniently
> >> close in Montreal! Treatment will not be free, but we are willing
> >to
> >> work with anyone who genuinely desires to quit one or more substances
> >> of abuse to arrange some kind of sliding scale that fits your
> >budget.
> >>
> >> We are hoping that all of our affiliates, both within and without
> >the
> >> Million Marijuana March, are ready to upgrade your message to
> >stress
> >> the public health benefits of separating marijuana from hard drugs-
> >-
> >> and the vital role ibogaine can have in repelling  hard drugs
> >from
> >> the cannabis scene.
> >>
> >> According to Dutch government factsheets, for instance, out of
> >the
> >> total population of 727,000, Amsterdam has around 5,100 hard-drug
> >> users. The primary thrust of policy is to discourage the use of
> >> drugs, and to combat the trade in drugs. The authorities also
> >seek to
> >> minimise the risks incurred by drug users and to reduce as far
> >as
> >> possible the nuisance factor for the general public. In the context
> >> of use, Amsterdam's drug policy differentiates between hard and
> >soft
> >> drugs, i.e.: cannabis is available, but at locations where no
> >other
> >> illicit substances may be sold, and this "market separation" is
> >> strictly enforced. Of some 5,100 hard-drug users, around 2000
> >are of
> >> Dutch origin, with some 1,350 having roots in former colony of
> >> Surinam, the Netherlands Antilles and Morocco. Around 1,750 users
> >> come from other European countries, mainly Germany and Italy.
> >The
> >> total number of hard-drug users is steadily decreasing, while
> >their
> >> average age is rising, from 26.8 years in 1981 to 39 years in
> >1999.
> >> In the same period the total number of drug users under 22 years
> >of
> >> age dropped from 14.4 percent to 1.6%.
> >>
> >> A ninety percent reduction! For harm reduction workers who seek
> >to
> >> duplicate this feat in countries where the government is not (like
> >> the Netherlands) cooperating, Ibogaine represents a medical
> >> alternative to state involvement. That's why we would like every
> >> Million Marijuana March organization to become an outlet for ibogaine
> >> information, and to this end we are asking you to join a new list,
> >>
> >> where all the activists and treatment providers are waiting to
> >answer
> >> your questions. To check out a typical thread from the ibogaine
> >list,
> >> look under Ibogaine, below, after BUSHWHACKED.
> >>
> >> Subscribe Mindvox
> >>
> >> To join the Mindvox ibogaine list just send an email to
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> >>
> >> Nothing more to it. You don't have to write anything in the subject
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> >>
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> >>
> >> So far, 86  Cities are Signed up for 2004 .
> >>
> >>
> >> (Next year, the first Saturday of May falls on May 1. We are
> >> recommending Sunday, May 2 or Monday May 3 in cities where there
> >is
> >> significant conflict with other local events--or as a rain date.
> >Of
> >> course, we understand that some schools have to do it on 4/20
> >because
> >> their school year is over by May, and that some northern cities
> >have
> >> to do it a little later in May...)
> >>
> >>
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