(OT) fire, fire!

Preston Peet ptpeet at nyc.rr.com
Wed Dec 3 00:14:11 EST 2003

Hi all,
Weedless here, and wouldn't it figure. I could Really use a bowl or three
right this moment.
    We just had a close call with fire here. V smelled smoke, we thought,
"hey, someone's got a fireplace goin'" she went out into the hallway to take
a casual look-see, then within about 30 seconds V came running back inside
to grab the phone and call 911 to report the now raging fire in our shaftway
between our building and the one next door. The flames were almost up to the
6th floor in just seconds really, and exploded a window into one of the
apartments on the ground floor. All we can figure is that someone must have
thrown a still lit cigerette out the hallway window or an apartment window
into the almost one story tall heap of matresses and other assorted garbage
out there. I spent a few minutes racing around the apartment trying to stuff
our many cats into carriers but thank god the fire department showed up as
fast as they did after V called, and put out the fire before the actual
building itself caught blaze. I wasn't leaving until I got all the cats, or
didn't want to anyway, but had only managed to get 6 of the 10 into
bags/carriers/boxes/etc before V came in and let me know the FD had the
flames under control. Of course, asking one of the cops downstairs if anyone
knew yet how it started got me a dead-eyed stare and then the fucker turned
his back on me.
    What an asshole.
    Anyway, other than for the many cuts and gouges in my flesh from
frightened kitties, we are all ok, if a bit oversmoked, and not the good
kind of oversmoked either.
    Plus, I almost only owned the buttless pair of pants I was wearing when
the fire started.
    That wouldn't have been cool.

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