[ibogaine] Philip K Dick spectrum - Physics of the Mysterious

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Hi Martine:

I also looked at their website... they apparently believe in "Lizzies"...
some sort of lizard being from another "density"... (enough said).


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Hello, I'd like to react for this post "Physic of the Mysterious" cause I
don't get it clear enough, maybe due to the time I need to digest the whole
message sent.
As for myself, I first felt pretty interested on sunday, and thought " At
last someone can explain simply things about physic and so on ", but today,
the day after, I'm not so sure I'll will get more knowledge, even if for the
moment, I've only " overviewed" the text : I feel uncomfortable.
Thus being said, I'm not at all able to talk about the scientific theories
or researches presented.
I've surfed on the site related "cassiopaea.org" and I got the same
uncomfortable feeling, first interest and then some kind of "weight" growing
And again, I'm not talking about scientific stuff.
The job done seems considerable, but I felt shocked after a glance I had on
some of the theories expressed on two supposed kinds of human beings :
First human beings serving as organic portals, taking energy from others,
being considered as " having no souls" and secondly others considered as
having a soul and thus " able to evoluate further ".
I really don't like it. Again some kind of inferior beings and superior ones
? Again ? And that theory coming from sources that the common reader cannot
check ?
The worst for me is that the theory speaks of mixed kind of humans, it means
that in the same family, one may have first kind and second kind of human
beings, is this a theory supposed to create the harmony, the respect, the
openess I'm longing for ? " Half of the humanity taking energy from the
other half".
I feel sadness. But I'm perhaps only one portal, not a being supposed to
evoluate soon, and I've to wait for my turn in the big evolution.
Does the writer of this text have " eaten the wood " as the Bwitis say, did
he experimented Iboga ?
I'm longing for reactions of readers of that list, really.
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