[ibogaine] Aftercare

Martine Docin-Julien jardin.dj at free.fr
Mon Dec 1 16:58:45 EST 2003

I've been thinking of you wrote Jaden, your need for an after Iboga, and yes, I agree with you, something is missing.

You've spoken of the desire to help, I feel it too and my way is like many I guess, to speak of my experiment, and take care of who I am, with sometimes the desire to do more, and the " Walls ", the time needed for things to change.

What kind of Aftercare ?
First I think that there is a lack of psychologists having followed personally the Iboga's path. 

Second point :I'm interested in the studies made for years about the psychic travel lived through Iboga and till now, I've found no track of this kind of work, does it be a secret not to be shared ?
What about the results of the analyses done with the Ibogaïne questionnaire ? Is there any place where a synthesis can be read ?

Third point : I've already asked questions about the Ibogaïne effects on both cerebral hemispheres, is there answers somewhere ?
I've experimented during the Ibo session the " opening of the so called third eye " and I want to understand what has activated it ?

I'm wondering wether the Ibo movement is too young to provide spontaneously that kind of resources, informations, or is there some taboo ? Or is the ibogaine aftercare something to be lived " alone " ?

Answers welcome :-)


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