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Tue Aug 26 21:52:56 EDT 2003

I am a D/FW resident who was on 263 ml of methadone a day. A 20 year heroin 
junkie who goes to a methadone clinic will start at 30 ml. I tried many 
treatments but nothing worked. Then, while on-line, I learned of a miracle plant 
called iboga, a west African plant whose roots are the only non-opioid that can 
take away opioid physical sickness. I was cornered into having to stop going to 
the methadone clinic because the majority of jails will not give someone's 
prescribed medication if accused of a crime. 

I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and was charged with possession of a 
joint of marijuana. I will serve up to a year in jail for that and many doctors 
have informed me that at my dose level, it would have very likely been fatal. 

I cured with one dose of iboga on July 14th 2003, my last dose of methadone was 
on July 11th 2003. I cannot believe that this miracle cure is not only being 
ignored my American media, but it is actually illegal in the United States. 
Iboga is listed as a Schedule 1 (meaning no medical value) which is simply 

The FDA and NIH continue to fund research into methadone (the most studied 
'anti-addictive'[yeah right] medicine in history), while not giving one penny of 
support for iboga research. The FDA finally approved studies (done by Debra 
Mash) but refuse to help fund the research. 

Iboga is not new. Its ability to free junkies from physical opioid addiction has 
been known since Howard Lotsof discovered the anti-addictive properties of iboga 
over 30 years ago. Many other countries have been using iboga and ibogaine 
successfully in human subjects for years. I am more then willing to do any 
interviews on this miracle cure. 

Thank you for your time. 

Jason Bursey 
deartheo at
5827 Timbercrest Dr.
Arlington, TX 76017 


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