[ibogaine] junk dependent cells

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Mon Aug 25 21:40:17 EDT 2003

Hey Tara, Even though I personally have not utilized ibogaine yet, hopefully 
this December I will. Anyway, I've read several accounts of people who take 
ibo in enema form. The reports I've read purport this method bypasses the 
nausea. It suppossedly "kicks in" much faster. I'm a chicken too when it comes to 
psycedelics, but according to everything I've read, you can usually bring 
yourself out of the psycedelic state at any time. Just sit up, talk to the person 
who is trained, and guiding you. Then, lay back down and keep going. As far as I 
know, you are allowed to bring along benzo's and weed. So, don't panic. 
Wouldn't  it be cool if we both went at the same time? 
Peace and Good Luck, William
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