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Randy Hencken randyhencken at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 9 12:07:10 EDT 2003

I saw Iggy and the Stooges at the Coachella Music Festival this past Spring. 
  Iggy still rocks like he is a teenager.  It was amazing the amount of 
energy he had to run around the stage with. Every other word out of his 
mouth was Fuck.  "and the fucking newcomer on the fucking base guitar is 
fucking Mike Watts and I'm Fucking Iggy"  When he closed the show he looked 
out at the audience, put up his index and pinky fingers and repeated "I am 
You, I am You"  Which I took to mean that inside of all of us we yearn to be 
a rock star, when the doors and blinds are closed we put on our best 
performances, singing into our soda bottles that have assumed the lives of 
microphones.  But we don't have to live the life of a Rock Star because Iggy 
is doing it for us.

Preston, I read your bit about a butthole surfers show being better than a 
Jane's Addiction show, pure blasphemy.


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>That is so good.  I love Iggy Pop but have never had the chance to see a
>live show.   Allison
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>Just saw Iggy and the Stooges live, on a spur of the moment trip to Long
>      For those who don't know, Iggy Pop was an infamous doper, banging one
>heck of a lot of heroin, among other drugs and substances. His music,
>particularly old Stooges stuff, was part of the sound track during my first
>real forays into heroin use and eventually addiction, but I still listen to
>it, both his solo and old Stooges stuff too.
>      For a guy who did as much heroin and other drugs to point of 
>      (hey, the Democrats' Hear it from the Heartland with Tom Harken is
>Led Zepplin music as theme music [When the Levy Breaks- is that the title?]
>I just noticed on C-Span- interesting- wonder what votes they're aiming for
>with that?)
>      ...abuse and a few times near death from what I've read and heard 
>friends, (and reaching 60 I'm sure, or damn near it now) Iggy looks 
>I mean the guy looks buff and healthy as hell. Gives me hope for my
>      Anyway, just thought I'd share the end of an incredibly happy stress
>free day.
>      Back to the war stuff now.
>      Peace,
>      Preston
>(as we discussed back when this list first started, there is another side 
>the drug issue- the happy, positive side that needs to also be focused on,
>or I at least can get de-freakin-pressed as hell. There was even talk from
>our other founder, Andria in London, of maybe calling the list DrugPeace,
>but as you can see that didn't go over too well. But I can't help making 
>observation that Iggy Pop, fomer junky from hell, looked great, and I don't
>believe he ever did any jail time either. He may have had treatment more
>than once though. Voluntary treatment. I hope I look, sound, and dance half
>as good as he was tonight when I'm his age.
>      Anyway...)

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