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Hi everyone. I have been reading this list for some months and enjoy it a lot. it's a strange combination of weird, angry and very informative and positive. Kudos. 

I wanted to say that I very much enjoyed the addiction series on heroin times. I've read a lot of your writing but I think this was the best series you did so far, you get your point across and say what is the experience of so many others including me! I never got better until I got away from the 12 steps and treatment. I haven't done ibogaine but I have 2 years clean now after being addicted to crack for over 5.

I found the Stanton Peele website from the links on Mindvox, I didn't know what it led to I clicked the 'NA Kills' banner. Nice art! And then after reading through his web site found it was also full of information that I very much agreed with. 

I would recommend anyone who is in recovery or has done ibogaine at least reads through the Stanton Peele site and finds out what other options exist.

I would also very much recommend the book: Diseasing of America: How We Allowed Recovery Zealots and the Treatment Industry to Convince Us We Are Out of Control

I havent' read all of Peele's books yet, but this one is great. Reprinted at the bottom of my msg are some of the reviews. 

Patrick your writing is awesome, you need to finish a book there are so many of us who have experiences like yours and never got better until we got away from the 'treatment pimps' as you call them!

reviews of the Stanton Peele book

Argues that the disease model of chemical and alcohol addiction has no basis in scientific fact and has spawned a recovery movement that is grossly ineffective. Social psychologist Peele explains how the recovery industry grew and recommends alternatives to the medicalization of addiction. 

A Controversial Argument Against the Disease Theory of Addiction Diseasing of America is a powerful and controversial rebuttal to the "addiction as disease model" that many vested interests-including doctors, counselors, psychologists, treatment centers, and twelve-step programs that specialize in addiction treatment-don't want you to read.

Some of the comments on are also great but much too long to reprint here. 

Thanks all!

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