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>My advice now would be never to treat a couple together - or back to back-
>which is what I did. He should have gone home but she wanted him to stay
>for her experience and this has been too hard for him really.

Sometimes couples work well.  Sometimes they Don't.  A key issue is who is in 
charge.  You or they??  If I had to make a decision I would say separately 
works best and is easiest.  Read my description of the treatment of a couple 
at <www.ibogaine.org/clin-perspectives.html> example one under Long-Term 
Effects.  Talk about problematic situations?

>Anyway all an experience. I have learnt a lot.
>The valium doesn't tend to work. I need some good sleeping pills, can anyone
>recommend any?
In Panama and the Netherlands we found fluintrizepam the most effective 
benzodiazepine.  In the 1960s we used seconal.  Most likely no longer 
available.  This information is provided for report purposes and not as 
advice. However, the use of any sedative requires observation of the patient 
so they don't injure themselves.  And, this all comes back to the advantages 
of medical oversight.  Working in hospitals is much easier than not.


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