[ibogaine] ibogaine structure

Gamma gammalyte9000 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 27 15:01:44 EST 2002

Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid.

I think Shulgin has it listed in Pihkal? or Tihkal? one of those two. anyone
have either as reference?

Ibo gave me a liquid real experience in a waking dream state. visions
proliferated with my eyes shut, yet I could open my eyes and see "reality" as
it were and with some difficulty, carry on a conversation, yet the closed eye
state was much more preferable.

I believe what I experienced during the Ibogaine is what people experience when
they die. It was extremely profound and for the most part beyond words. I've
attempted to describe it a few different times yet the complete essence of what
I experienced continues indescribable. 


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