[ibogaine] Thoughts on recovery

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Excellent stuff; had no idea
What's ICM?

I'll never harass u again..

Giant hug of strength

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| PK
| I thought folk were asking you to tell your Iboga story; what happened?
| u think it helped U
| How u now stay off and so on, no?


I've done this, several times.  The highly edited version came out nearly
two years ago, and appeared in a few places; the first one wuz here: 


The same article is up in un-fucked, de-splattered format, on Nick's site: 


It's translated into German on Karl's site: 


I think I'm at roughly article 15 for Heroin Times at this point, and have
various other stuff forthcoming in HeroinHelper.  The only reason I write
for these "publications," is so people who are reading about heroin, might
become aware of ibogaine.  The hit rate of HT in contrast to MindVox, is
absolutely negligible.  I have roughly 1200 times as many people reading
anything I toss on Vox, as read all of HT.  The difference is; most of
them are not on MindVox to read about heroin or ibogaine.

I have nearly 500k words to edit into a book.  I speak, I write, I express
things -- for the most part, these do not consist of stream of
consciousness rants; that's sumthin' I do to entertain myself.  But ya
know what ...  I'm signed with ICM.  ICM likes the stream of consciousness
rants.  They love Naked Lunch meets Altered States; nobody -- at my
agency, at any "real" magazine -- appears to give a fuck about "recovery,"
-- "look, just give us all the brutal, disgusting, sordid details!  I've
led a boring life, share the war!"

I just did an addiction piece like I said I would, it's in the next HT.
There are 2 more parts, at least one will sync with Dave and working the
12-step stuff into post-ibogaine.

I do an awful lot, because I believe in ibogaine.  I am unclear on what
else it is that you -- and various other people -- believe that I should
be doing...?  I am paid NOTHING for any of this; the stuff that sells is
the blood, sweat, pain, destruction --> leading up to pretty lights =)

Aside from all that I have a full time job, which really amounts to 3.5
jobs and growing; am the entire strung-out artist having a nervous
breakdown, experiencing suicidal ideation hotline; everyone I know is in
"recovery" and has a billion of their own problems; there's this MindVox
thing rising from the ashes again, which is another 10,000 problems or so;
and oh yeah, occasionally, I attempt to have a life, and maintain some
level of sanity -- whatever that means -- so all of this doesn't drive me
to the nearest shooting gallery, where all my problems can be solved with
one bag.


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