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Tue Mar 26 03:07:42 EST 2002

> I sincerely hope that you can join us at the XXX on the 6th to discuss the
> merits of the legal remedies available to our "XX" clients as a supplement to
> the primary goal of addiction therapy modalities. I feel that XXXXXX XXXX,
> Attorney at Law, can assist us in providing a seamless "cure" for the
> participants in order to cast off their resentment and negative energy
> through a transformation into their new healthy, non-addictive and productive
> lifestyles.

Cure is a mighty strong word when it comes to drug addiction...

> I have also just completed my first reading of  a new release called "Altered
> Egos: How the Brain Creates the Self" by Todd E. Feinburg, M.D. and I see
> that some conclusions have been drawn that might be relevant to our holistic
> approach for substance abuse treatment. Feinburg is the Professor of
> Neurology and Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and
> Chief of the Betty and Morton Yarmon Division of Neurobehavioral and
> Alzheimer's Disease at the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. 
> His recent book hypothesizes the theory of a presumed "emergence" as a
> neurological basis  with respect to the premise of a Cartesian duality and
> supports this with case histories of asomatognosia, capgras syndrome, Fregoli
> syndrome, confabulation, and other severe mental conditions. He eventually
> contrasts an ephemeral "nested hierarchy of meaning" vs. simply a "purpose
> for existence" as a sort of higher consciousness, and then later deduces that
> the brain creates the self as a "sum greater than the parts".
> This concept seems to have some valuable merit; however, from a philosophical
> perspective, this viewpoint may simply be another attempt to translate the
> Kantian "I" to the Hegelian dialectical synthesis that was dispelled by
> Kierkegaard in the 1800s (and again much later by the existentialists, some
> post-modernists, de-constructionists, and the "process thought"
> psychologists). I look forward to your comments.

Can you put this in laymans terms?

I dig alternative approaches to addiction, what is your "holistic approach"?

in what ways do you approach the three aspects (physical, emotional &
spiritual) of addiction?

I may have a couple candidates for you.


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