[ibogaine] Re: [vox] Hum . . .

Gamma gammalyte9000 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 25 22:17:40 EST 2002

--- "Patrick K. Kroupa" <digital at mindvox.com> wrote:
> On [Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 01:52:54PM -0800], [vector6 at space.com] wrote:
> Look, first of all, just shut up and stop cross-posting crazy nonsense
> from one list to the other.  Dave understands why there are two lists, why
> don't you...?  Saying, "but I'm 14" is no excuse.

who the hell is Dave?

logical conclusion: "Daves not here, man."


p.s. I wonder if cross posters are also cross dressers, oh shit maybe I opened
yet another kan of werms.

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