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<< Maybe I am wrong, I haven't seen the videotape of the London ibogaine 
conference which Patrick said would be available some time this year, but 
from what I see most of the people promoting ibogaine have never been heroin 
addicts. Nobody has answered what happens after ibogaine dose 2 or 3, what 
difference it makes on a neurological level? Patrick has mostly glossed it, 
but has not yet once answered how someone who is on 200mg of methadone + 2 
grams of heroin a day + 12mg xanax (and I am quoting out of Heroin Times the 
exact sentence) and has been an addict for most of their life, manages to 
turn everything around and s t a y clean. The closest answer I have is his 
psychological makeup is different then almost everyone else in the world, or 
he fell into a swimming pool of LSD afterwards. Note that I am not 
questioning what you accomplished, I am only completely confused about h o w, 
yes ibogaine detoxed you and then what? How did you stay clean.  >>

Hi Carla,

I can't speak for Patrick but, you can get as good and as free a review of 
how ibogaine works on a pharmacological and neurological level by reviewing 
<www.ibogaine.org/alkaloids.html> and <
http://www.med.nyu.edu/Psych/ibogaineconf/objectives.html>.  You might want 
to purchase a copy of Academic Press's "Ibogaine - Proceedings of the First 
International Conference" that actually contains papers written after the 
conference and containing more current information.  It is available from 
Amazon.com or Academic Press.

As to how long and how you stay clean...well it's all over the map.  First 
some people stay clean for as long as it takes to get to some dope.  Others 
manage for 6 months or years depending how  many doses of ibogaine they have 
had and who they are and where they are in their life.  Most use something 
adjunct to ibogaine to keep themselves directed away from drug dependence.  
That can be anything from psychoanalysis to groups such as AA, NA etc. or 
even adjunct medications, rx or not.  And, yes, I was really surprised to see 
ibogaine veterans making decisions to go to NA meetings that they would never 
have done before ibogaine and making the meetings work for them.  But, in my 
opinion, the most important thing for a post ibogaine drug user to do IS to 
have something to do that fills their life and gives them satisfaction.  No 
magic bullet here, just direction and work.

Getting back to the issue of efficacy, sometimes you will see better results 
on a first or later dose of ibogaine than you will see on interim doses.  It 
all comes down on a pragmatic level to who you are and where you are in your 
life.  Ibogaine just lets you figure it out real fast and gives you the 
opportunity to use that information.

If you want better answers than that, get on the ibogaine trail and you tell 


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