ibogaine efficacy?

Carla Barnes carlambarnes at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 13 17:12:24 EST 2002

I've been reading the ibogaine material in heroin times for a few months, I've read the back issues, I've read the web sites, I've read Mindvox and so I have these questions which I hope someone can at least share some information about please.

I've read in some places on the net that ibogaine doesn't work, the writers were very upset and sound like they genuinely feel they were lied to or betrayed somehow. In heroin times Patrick writes that he has no knowledge of ibogaine ever not working on someone who is detoxing from heroin, but he also says it sometimes takes 2 or 3 doses to work and then writes that he personally relapsed 20 minutes after getting off a plane after his first dose of ibogaine. 

What is the difference between ibogaine 1 and ibogaine 2 or 3, what is it that is happening after 2 or more doses, what changes? 

Assuming it gets your clean, how long does it last? No disrespect but Patrick does not act like any grateful recovering addict that I have ever known, his entire attitude is "go fuck yourself" stated in those exact words on numerous occasions in heroin times. With a attitude like this I have never known a single former heroin addict who has not relapsed, yet you've made it nearly three years. I understand you are whatever it is that you are, but whatever that is exactly it's not a "typical" drug addict and I'm not sure I understand what you are, what your psychological makeup is, what keeps you clean, really anything at all about you except you are either a very talented writer or in severe need of medication ;-)

My question is, what are the long term results of detoxing with ibogaine. If after dose 2 or 3 someone gets clean, how long do they stay that way. Out of 100 people how many are still clean 1 year later, 2 years, 3 years? 

Thank you very much.

Carla B


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