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> I hope that someone can comment this...
> Male, 36, 90 kg, heavy heroine user (5g/day sniffing and smoking) took
> of Ibogaine HCl 4 days ago. He has no pain, no withdrawal - everything
> would be perfect IF he was back. His wife says that he knows his name,
> children, etc. only 10% of time; 90% of time he's with Robin Hood (and his
> mother), fishing, sailing, gathering food (everything is in his mind, of
> course). His wife says that he drinks and eats and goes to the toilet by
> himself; but everything he eats he either throws out or has dhiarrea. His
> urine is dark and smells bad, and his wife noticed tiny red spots in it
> (today).
> Does anyone knows what's going on with him? His wife is having enough of
> this (and I understand her!), and the woman who gave him HCl is getting
> more and more nervous...
> Thanks for your help,
> Marko

Hi Marko,

After a large dose of the rootbark in the Cameroun I had no clue whatsoever
of who I was or where I was for about 6 and a half days. About half the time
I was in a REM state apparently downloading vast amounts of weird material
from God knows where and the other half babbling incoherently (so I'm told).
After that, stuff came back fairly quickly. I couldn't eat or drink barely
anything in that time, lost about 7kg in weight and looked totally

I don't know if this helps any, but at least it shows this kind of thing has
happened before. When the guy comes back down I'd be happy to talk to him or
mail him, if that's any use. My opinion is that there are personal
psychological and psychic reasons why this kind of thing can happen, and
also issues to do with astrology and the phase our planet is currently going
through, but this whole area is kind of hazy so I won't just speculate.

Hope things work out and you can give them my number if you think it would
be of any use

Nick     +44 20 7287 4656

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