[ibogaine] Re: why are ya` here

Carrie Rollins carrierollins at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 27 19:01:35 EDT 2002

Hi Larry and welcome to the ibogaine list! As far as
being weird goes I wouldn't worry too much about that,
if there is anywhere that is 'normal' then here is 180
in the other direction. No problems with weird that
I've seen. ;-)

My question would be, if you've been on drugs for 50
years now why do you want to detox now? Is it working
any less better then it's worked for all that time or.
I don't understand the motivation?


--- Rhafner77 at cs.com wrote:
> I guess folks will wonder the same thing about me,
> considering my responses 
> to some of the posts, but I just can`t get with some
> of the posts <posters> 
> that I see here. I don`t mean to be too rude, but at
> times... Like this morn. 
> upon waking & turning on `vox, I see this post about
> geezing ritalin?? My 
> response was  amazingly out-there, < particularly to
> myself> & I usually wait 
> awhile before hitting `reply` but I was still asleep
> enuff to whip one out. 
> I`ve been using  for quite awhile now, (50 yrs
> actually, GOD!) & believe Me I 
> don`t know how, -or why- even tho` I`ve been to most
> programs in the states, 
> both forced & by My own volition. a.a.-n.a. etc.etc.
> ad nauseum, & I really 
> don`t believe I learned much from any of `em! Have
> been very interested in 
> Ibogaine, but haven`t had the means or opportunity,
> Still lookin`tho`, mebbe 
> one day. I think I`m able to handle a dose
> sufficient to  kik this 150 a day 
> of methadone, but getting less certain if I really
> want to let it go now. 
> Anyhow, just a few lines to say hi , & pardon if I
> get too wierd with my 
> responses..  larry-

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