Cool new full .pdf scan for all ya'll

Thu Jun 27 14:02:19 EDT 2002

Yes, off topic, but since there's no entheogens list yet (hint hint)...

I finally scanned in the _entire_ text of what I feel is the Greatest Book
Ever Written, about my cause celebre ketamine.  This book falls into the
"no way in hell" category in terms of acquisition - I've seen four copies
come through and in the last two years, of which
I own two.  (Only 5000 copies were printed, after which it was suppressed
due to the death of the author - long story.)

I hope someone out there enjoys this half as much as I did.  There's two
files - the 333k one is the front and back pages (color) and the 25 meg
one is the actual text.  I'm very proud of myself for doing this, but
sorry the pages aren't necessarily 100% flush with the margins of the
paper - what can I say, I had a friend go off another friend's Xerox work.
Seriously, I consider this about the most thoughtful, interesting, and
downright bizarre book that I've ever read on entheogens, and I think you
will enjoy it whether or not you think K is clUbB k1dd13 "cat
tranquilizer" or the best Metaphorical Mental Modem devised yet, as long
as you're a fan of eloquently written English.

A Mindvox exclusive!

Journeys into the Br..> 25-Jun-2002 19:31   333k    [title/back]
Journeys into the Br..> 25-Jun-2002 19:38  24.9M    [book text]

"If religion is the opium of the masses, then hallucinogens may be the
inside dope" - Marcia Moore

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