[ibogaine] I had a dream

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U should come to more drug policy reform conferences; there you will meet
most of the best drug treatmenters in the world, and no, I ain't kidding

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On [Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 01:43:00PM -0700], [Kerry Dawson] wrote:

| That was great Rick!

It wuz.  Why is it, that now, when I have absolutely no need of any of
you'z, I am starting to come in contact with more and more enlightened
human beings who are involved with drug treatment...?  Where were alla
youz when I coulda used you!

| I just clicked Mindvox and the tag line at the top was another Martin
| Luther King Jr. quote: 
| "Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted."

It duz.

| I have a copy of the War on Drugs piece Patrick did, the formatting is
| Here's the bootleg 8-)

That's IT!  I'm SUING YOU.  You've RUINED my ENTIRE LIFE. 

Uhm, well, see, it's not bad.  However, when you scroll down to that
paragraph that is made obsolete by 9.11, it sorta pulls a lotta the energy
out of it.  I need to retool it a little.  

In the immortal words of Malcolm X:  Kill Whitey!

No wait, that's me.  I meant to say, in the immortal words of Thomas
Jefferson, <paraphrasing the Whole Entire Declaration of Independence>:

"All I got's ta say is: Fuck You Punk.  Read me my rights n' shit, it's
all junk.  Fuck tha' Police (State)."


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