[ibogaine] was dream, now is- 'they' won????? Puh-leeeze!

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just my 2cents worth; (and hey just to prove I really was studying social
policy +/examing in the last few weeks whilst away from list) fact:
Americans (poor or rich) actually contribute more to charity than Europeans
BUT then they have bigger health/edu/etc needs as a result of the fact that
there is no so-called socialised health care in the U.S.

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"Sorry I thought you meant it as something against most
people in america being that way. maybe I took it the
wrong way. 


That's OK.  I'm an American, but I actually do believe we have a sick
society, and I agree with Patrick that people, in general, regardless, of
where they are, look out for number one and aren't as interested in the
suffering of others.  Which isn't to say we don't all, sometimes, give
enormously, etc.  I wasn't aware, prior to your comment above, that American
patriotism was a requirement of this list.  Jane


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