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Joshua wrote, "The US
comprises 5% of the world's population and uses 25% of its resources. Our
population in the US is not the problem - that is a red herring.

- jt

Yes, this has always fascinated me, that even though already having more, we humans want more again.  It's not good for the psyche, or society, or other people, or the environment.  But I don't think it's peculiar to America, except that, of course, we're high on the food chain of it all.  I recently read about a study that said that beyond basic water, food, and shelter, more stuff tends to make people more unhappy.  What a notion!  Is all of our addiction to "getting and spending" causing more pain, even individually, than if we had to work harder physically for our grub, for instance?  Is the pressure to strive for more a given of capitalism or an inherent human kind of thing?  Is it patriarchal?  Etc.  And in what way is an addiction to ONE substance  (the Ring) an acting out of the whole societal mess?  Well, sorry to give more questions than answers.  I'm sure there are those here who have MANY answers for me!  Blessings, Jane  P.S. In another sense, i would take this to romantic love, the craving for another to love, be with, and support ONLY ME!  Is this a part of it?  Does this nuclear family stuff, i.e. "family values" contribute to our anxiety and distress?  I think so.

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