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>Dana, for the Innocents amongst us ...
>Innocents! -
>Context -  Pike was an Episcopol Bishop based in
>San Francisco (ex-Buena Yerba) California, whose
>Son suicided and who felt clocks and things in his
>room were moved overnight by his Son's 'Spirit'.
>What basis? - Time!
>The Thing which creeps upon us
>Crouched on all fours
>And pounces at the Momenmt of Despair,
>Sweeping all Purpose and Power aside
>At one debilitating lunge!
>What FATE!  I am done ...
>Great Green Frog swimp at shaw.ca
>ps: Who says Dick didn't get mind-link
>done in, by the way - how swift and
>how attributable his mortal fall?
>Dana Beal wrote:
>>  BTW, the one book that has surfaced at the Ibogaine working group
>>  recently is TRANSMIGRATION-- discussion of the anoke mushroom. That
>>  brought up the subject of Bishop Pike, who was Phil's friend and
>>  perished in the Dead Sea desert looking for the anoke mushroom (flesh
>>  of God)-- thought to be the lost Gnostic sacrament and present in in
>>  the tincture in the wine served at the last supper. This tincture is
>>  also thought to have contained Syrian Rue, and possibly iboga
>>  alkaloids.
>>  One of the properties of flesh of God, presumably, was that it would
>>  confer invulnerability to Death.
>>  He could be crucified, but not killed while under the influence.
>>  Arch-Bishop James Pike marched with Martin Luther King at Selma. Does
>>  anyone on any of these lists have any good sources on Pike?
>>  Dana/cnw
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