Bishop Pike and the Transmigration

Dana Beal dana at
Wed Jul 31 17:59:11 EDT 2002

BTW, the one book that has surfaced at the Ibogaine working group 
recently is TRANSMIGRATION-- discussion of the anoke mushroom. That 
brought up the subject of Bishop Pike, who was Phil's friend and 
perished in the Dead Sea desert looking for the anoke mushroom (flesh 
of God)-- thought to be the lost Gnostic sacrament and present in in 
the tincture in the wine served at the last supper. This tincture is 
also thought to have contained Syrian Rue, and possibly iboga 

One of the properties of flesh of God, presumably, was that it would 
confer invulnerability to Death.

He could be crucified, but not killed while under the influence.

Arch-Bishop James Pike marched with Martin Luther King at Selma. Does 
anyone on any of these lists have any good sources on Pike?


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