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> I see no problem with this at all. It's not as if these future moms are
being herded into the sterilization pens.
> As somebody who works for a living and has had their share of drug
problems I don't have any interest in paying for some crackwhore's kids
being taken care of when she keeps having them. I resent that. If you want
to have kids and ruin their lives and don't have enough common sense to know
your a mess that's your business and I feel sorry for the kids but it
shouldn't be my tax dollars paying for all that. <<

Paying for all what? How much of your tax money goes towards paying for "all
that," whatever that means? Do you even know?

> Sorry but that's reality. In case none of you read anything except drug
lists there is this over population problem with the world, there is no
shortage of babies. None at all.<<

The world population was estimated at somewhere around 1-1.6 billion at the
beginning of the 20th century. At the end of the century, there were about 6
billion. Current projections estimate a 9 billion population in 2050. That
means that we are reaching the apex of the curve. US population would be
declining were it not for immigration.

Again, if you start with 2 people and give a 2% growth rate, then in 1500
years the population would be 16 billion.

Yes, smart growth and using resources wisely is key, but the number of
people on the earth is a small element in a complex problem. The US
comprises 5% of the world's population and uses 25% of its resources. Our
population in the US is not the problem - that is a red herring.

- jt

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