the CRACK incentive

Rebecca Silverman becca_vail at
Tue Jul 30 23:05:37 EDT 2002

I'm just now reading my ibogaine folder so I don't mean to restart a convo 
that made so many people jump down each others throats but to give one more 
woman's opinion I don't get the problem. Or yes I do, but not like why it's 
the end of the world.

Offering $200 to someone who has no money and is on drugs will probably 
motivate them to get that money so they can do more drugs. I'm sure that 
CRACK knows that and that's the whole point of offering it.

I think patrick and preston agreed that it's not a lot of money and for 
someone to sit around and wait for that while they are sterilized, they 
would find some other way to get money instead, which I also agree with.

Someone else brought up how what should happen is that person should be 
offered treatment. Which made me laugh a little because when I was out there 
I think one thing I learned is that not all of them, but most of the people 
who are out there, want to be. They don't want treatment they want more 
drugs. Should they be forcibly helped against their will??

To all the people who got so upset about the potential of killing babies 
that don't exist, how do you feel about abortion? I don't get the problem at 
all. Sorry.

I don't see the big problem with the incentive and I don't see any simple 
solution either because I don't completely side with Patrick and all the 
other legalise everything people because I think that would surely increase 
drug use at the same time I do think everyone has the right to make their 
own choices.

Have a great day all.

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