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"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human 
- George Orwell (1903 - 1950

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota (AP) -- Officials at a South Dakota school 
confined students to their classrooms for several hours while a police dog 
toured the rooms, sniffing children as young as 6 to check for drugs, 
according to a lawsuit filed against the school.

The German shepherd got off its leash in a kindergarten classroom at the 
Wagner Community School and chased students during the May search, the 
court papers allege. They claim some students started crying and at least 
one urinated involuntarily.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Sioux Falls by the 
parents of 17 elementary and high school students, wants such activity 
declared a violation of the constitutional right against unreasonable 
searches. It also seeks unspecified damages and an order stopping the 

Repeated attempts by The Associated Press to reach Wagner Principal Neil 
Goter and school board officials were unsuccessful Thursday. Kenneth 
Cotton, the school district's lawyer, told The New York Times he could not 
comment on the allegations specifically, but he said he had talked to two 
students who told him the dog visited their classrooms only briefly and "in 
an orderly way."

The American Civil Liberties Union, which is involved in the class-action 
lawsuit, alleged that the Wagner School Board approved the search. The 
school board is named as a defendant, along with former Wagner Police Chief 
Richard Volk and Neil McCaleb, assistant secretary of Indian Affairs in the 
Interior Department.

The lawsuit alleges that a similar drug-dog search was conducted a few days 
after the first one.

Some students experienced physical discomfort when they were not allowed to 
go to the bathroom for several hours during the searches, according to the 
lawsuit. It says students were told not to pet the dog, not to look at it 
or make any sudden movements, and some students feared the dog would bite 

In a news release, Jennifer Ring, executive director of the Dakotas chapter 
of the ACLU, said, "The very notion of there being a drug problem in 
kindergarten is ridiculous."

The lawsuit is the latest episode in a dispute between the ACLU and the 
school board in Wagner, 85 miles southwest of Sioux Falls. In March, the 
ACLU sued the board, alleging the school system's method of selecting board 
members discriminates against American Indians.
The 17 students filing the latest lawsuit are Indian, the ACLU said.

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