in valis we trust

paul harvey pauljackamo at
Mon Jul 29 21:31:59 EDT 2002

dana - "in valis we trust" - i should explain - whilst on my last ibogaine 
trip, these words fell across the screen -
ive no idea who "don" is and whilst it may indeed be another version of his 
belief system, i am not qualified to comment.

as for all belief systems :

"in the province of the mind, what is believed true is true, or becomes true 
within limits to be learned by experience and experiment. In the province of 
the mind, there are no limits." - "programming and meta-programming the human bio-computer".

it was a throw away line and/or a message from our cosmic sponsers -
no offence meant.

other things - has anyone mapped the chapter in "the invisible landscape" by 
the late terrence mckenna and his brother dennis, on the ability of 
harmaline to transform our rna/dna into a transciever of hyperdimensional 
knowledge and entity contact - over the years i've
dipped into this particular text, but its only recently ive made any 
connection to ibogaine.
Its a pretty dense text so I'll summarise its main points in the next few 
days and post it up for anyone whos interested - im new to the mailing list 
so i dont want to go over old ground if the text has already been discused.


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