[ibogaine] Are the Hmoung Heading for Certain DOOM!?!?!!111!!!

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Sun Jul 28 02:22:00 EDT 2002

Dude you are really funny and really sick. You know both already I think. 

Ibogaine or not I do not see how any person who was a junkie can go to that place right after detoxing and stay off heroin. That is heroin central there is nothing there except heroin. It's junkieland. You're crazy. 

I mean that with the highest respect, you really are. Or as Curtis would say 'right on man, right on!' 

How's the mother love bone link coming> ;)

>Hum . . .
>THAILAND sez: Get The Hell Out!
>I wonder if this will actually happen; possibly not, since it has been in
>the perpetual process of happening since roughly the dawn of time, or 40
>years ago when a few hundred hmoung arrived and started to reproduce a lot
>-- having not much else to do besides learn cultivation techniques for
>preTty PopPies in southern Thailand, and that birth control thing not
>having made a major inroads into the whole entire southeast Asia -- which
>by the way, prolly causes MOST of the AIDS splattered all over those
>countries, NOT bangin' up, condoms not birth control pills I meant to
>say, I think, yeah that was it ...  Where was I, oh yes, still in Miami,
>but as I was saying, the army rolls in, LOOKS AROUND a lot, makes a Stern
>Announcement in the Bangkok Post that SOME Sort of Severe Action will take
>place, real soon now; and then goes back to sleep.  Since, mostly, they
>all arrived in this mountain range 'cuz there's an ashram there, and it'd
>be Bad Karma to nuke an ashram in Thailand; although it might be okay if
>it were located in Utah instead for instance.  Now then, as I was saying
>Will the BAD PEOPLE destroy a perfect, beautiful, happy little society for
>tHe HeadLines, or will the whole entire Hmoung make their saving throw,
>thus avoiding CERTAIN DOOM!?!??!?
>Who can say.  But I just felt strongly ALL OF YOU should be aware of this.
>It's a bummer all of them are so fixated on Buddha, if they looked up a
>lil' further, they'd find Shiva, who would just DESTROY the whole entire
>situation (inside his mind) and they could get back to resonating, bangin'
>up', or buying shiny things, depending on what vibrational range they were
>in at that particular time.  They're very mellow and accepting there,
>which I appreciated a lot, I have never met any group of persons who were
>so cheerfully corrupt before, it was neat, and made me feel good about
>myself, because everything was always all-good, unlike Mexico, which is
>mostly not so cheerfully corrupt, it experiences a lot of guilt about all
>that and HIDES the drugs inside Jesus statues and religious altars and
>things, but still firmly believes that chiva negra is one of the Two Great
>Demons (the other being blanco of course, most especially when you SMOKE
>the demon, much like crack, only non-culture centric...  Belize is very
>professional in its corruption, it's shiny and glossy and Right Out There,
>whereas the Caribbean is more like Thailand, it's mellow and accepting and
>easy-going mon, which I s'pose is not surprising.  America as whole is
>completely inconsistent, and vibrations vary widely, sometimes even from
>block to block, or time of day and phase of moon, when it is possible to
>absolutely resonate with your molecules and radiate within and through
>them, while at others no matter what you do, you seem to wind up in these
>spirals made out of barbed wire which is shredding you as you sink through
>bleeding quicksand, hmm, oh yeah, duh, i forgot to Go into The Light.  But
>I suppose that is just the Way of the World.  That is my opinion at this
>very moment anyway, but it could change at any time.
>Mostly, as a whole, this is THAILAND's fault and the Hmoung cannot be held
>responsible for the whole entire situation.  Since the laws there change
>every 3 hours or so, depending on how moody the King is feeling that day,
>and the only part of the laws that ever remains consistent is that it is
>okay for them to cultivate opium poppies and USE them, because that is
>their cultural heritage, but they're never, ever, at all, not even
>supposed to THINK ABOUT breaking it down into heroin and exporting it.
>That would be Very Naughty. 
>That's it then,

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