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Sun Jul 28 02:09:36 EDT 2002

The problem with yahoo is they want you to get so frustrated with their free service that you upgrade to paid. Same problem as hotmail. 

You get what you pay for. How do you connect to the internet? That should come with some kind of inbox that works.

Most services that charge you something work and kill the ads and pop ups, you get what you pay for. 

All the online heroin sites are real flaky this month or 6 weeks.

>Calming down. 
>Does anyone know what is the problem with yahoo? My
>mail is completely screwed up, my groups don't work
>anymore I have downloaded and deleted alllllll the
>things in my inbox I go to trash and click delete and
>it gives that stupid message that trash is
>automatically deleted. 
>Great except every time I log in it tells me I am
>using more then my storage quota and I have 5 msgs
>left in my mailbox! All my folders are downloaded and
>none of those 5 have attachments!!
>Nothing works and nobody cares. 
>Sorry, this was going to be a ibogaine related msg. 
>What has happened with heroin everything, Patrick,
>Francis, either one of you know? Your site is off line
>almost always Francis, it keeps loading the front page
>and doesn't let you go into the magazine anymore, this
>is heroinhelper or course and Heroin Times did not
>manage to come out with a July issue at all and it's
>nearly August, Patrick you write for all the issues,
>is it dead? 
>Is everything on the entire internet broken tonight? 
>Time to get off the computer :-) 
>Carla B

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