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>Why don't we intelligently talk about the scourge of Hep C and what ibogaine
>MAY do to the liver?


Ibogaine is metabolized by the liver as are most drugs known to me.  I have 
not read any reports on ibogaine injuring the liver but, then ibogaine is not 
often used.  There have been a few undocumented reports of ibogaine placing 
hep C in remission.  HOWEVER, both Mash in the case of ibogaine and 
noribogaine and Glick et al. in the case of 18-mc and its meabolite 18-hc, 
indicate concern for ibogaine and ibogaine like drugs having adverse affects 
that may include toxicity due to existing liver damage or concurrent use of 
drugs/medications making use of the same liver enzyme pathways as do the 
iboga alkaloids.   

Any person considering ibogaine therapy who is not in good health or has 
perceived health concerns should consider taking ibogaine only on the 
authorization of a medical doctor providing the drug.

Ibogaine is an experimental medication.  There are known fatalities.  


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