Carrie Rollins carrierollins at
Fri Jul 26 14:42:27 EDT 2002

Dana all right!! 

If I was near NY I would be there, any events in CA?

I also wanted to say thanks! Patrick and whoever else
is doing all this I've just realised I take all the
lists and Mindvox for granted because they've become
part of my day and it's all just worked ever since I
got here. It's never gone down or broken and that's a
lot I guess. 

I'm realising all this because yahoo has started
driving me crazy, I moved to yahoo from hotmail when
they started turning everything into a mess and now
I'm wondering where to move to. If you people ever
open email accounts I'd pay $20 or $30 a year to you
instead of hotmail to have mail that works. This isn't
pressuring you I know people have asked 50 times
already I'm just saying thank you!

Just as a question, when are you opening? useless
account and all the other people on the other list are
busy talking about whatever it is that is upsetting
hackers, but some of the people on the other list act
like they're using it, is it open?


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