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Thu Jul 25 13:10:50 EDT 2002

Hi all,
    Long time since I've sent one of these notices out, but as everyone I'm sure is aware, life itself seems to be careening along at break-neck speed with all sorts of nefarious actions on the part of the US feds putting brainless fire to the coals inflaming the War, while so much of the rest of the world comes to its senses.
    That all said, we have a few new stories headlined at our homepage at

First, there's a much needed, at least in the opinion of me, the editor, of a lighter (and to be quite honest a darker too) look at drug use as a simple and small fact of life as a whole in "A Smoking 'Scarlet Diva" Storms NYC" by Preston Peet.

Then we have a much more serious Op-Ed piece by Doug McVay of Common Sense for Drug Policy ( 

The Symbolism of Mandatory Drug Testing Teens in School

And we have a first hand report on the acquittal of James Souder by Anthony Lorenzo of the Florida Cannabis Action Network.

James Souder Found Not Guilty by Jury of His Peers

We also have some discussions about whether or not drug war reformers need to cut their hair and fit in with mainstream America to have real effects on change, or if this idea stems from the very fears and propaganda driving the whole entire War on Some Drugs and Users in the first place, beginning Way Back When.

Liquid Light- by Christopher Cadden

a reply/addiction to the thread of Liquid Light

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll, 1000 BC - 200 AD - by Elmer Elevator

For more hard news, we have links to the now back online Akha journal by Matthew McDaniel in Thailand, the House giving a "stinging slap" by barring Ogilvy from getting paid for their work on the ONDCP Anti-Youth...Uh, that's Anti-Drug National Media Campaign, not only because they committed fraud by overbilling the government and hence the taxpayers, but also seem have lead more kids to try out marijuana, NOT their stated goal by any means, leaving a very pissed off Appropriations committee. There are multiple news and press releases giving up-to-date commentary on various pro-marijuana, medical and non currently underway across the US, reports on San Francisco deciding to looking into growing their own medical marijuana since they're sick of the feds coming in and raiding clubs, stories about Colorado police not destroying files they gathered by unusual means on "subversives' and incidentally all sorts of other people, the blatant smear campaign by "someone" against Rev. Al Sharpton, (I mean, geez, how obvious can "they" get?)
    We also have a new list to which you can subscribe at the top of the homepage at, and rant, rave, formulate good idea, post ad ones too, and generally try to figure out ways to educate others as to the damages caused by the War itself, and all kinds of other things too, pertaining to the War.

Preston Peet
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Editor at Large High Times mag/.com
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