[ibogaine] Dana gets award!!!!

HSLotsof at aol.com HSLotsof at aol.com
Thu Jul 25 11:39:18 EDT 2002

In a message dated 7/25/02 11:03:56 AM, RickV at hnncsb.org writes:

>Congratulations Dana!!!  Wish I could be in attendance in order to meet
>you, Howard, and others.
>The "HOWARD SHOULD GET AN AWARD" award is hereby officially given by me
>to Howard Lotsof for all of his work with Ibogaine.


I received the first lifetime achievement award from the Big Apple Buyers' 
Club for my ibogaine work two years ago.  This occurred while I was in the 
hospital being treated for leukemia.  When my wife brought the award to the 
hospital I was pleased to share it with the nursing staff and doctors.  It 
was well received by all.


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