[ibogaine] Where is this from???

Dana Beal dana at cures-not-wars.org
Wed Jul 24 16:56:14 EDT 2002

>On [Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 03:37:53PM -0400], [NeuroSkull at aol.com] wrote:
>| If you come over to this List:  <kotas4christ-subscribe at mindvox.com> ÝI'm
>| talking about something I know you'll understand and I promise not 
>to get mad
>| at you.  I talk about Jesus over there on that List.  Ummm.....  speaking of
>| stabbings..  I was stabbed once, actually several times, but it happened on
>| two or three different occassions.    Come learn about the Love and Light
>| that is Jesus Christ, come to the kotas4christ List... Kotas, that's me. 
>| It's a name, it's Greek, but I'm a mutt.  Sorta Greek, Czech mix.. 
>| But does that really matter?  Naaah.  COME ON OVER!  WHEW!
>Don, just a gentle reminder.  Your World Ministries, are now Fully
>Operational.  It might be a great idea to promote awareness of this in
>Other Places.  Such as, fer instance, wherever it is that Persons who Wish
>to Receive Christ, like to hang out.  You would know where that is, much
>better than I.
>This list in particular, prolly contains a large majority who are not --
>right at this moment -- interested in hearing The Gospel.  Which is one
>of the reasons I gave you the list in the first place.  In the event
>anyone feels the need to Be Saved, they *know* where to go.  You've told
>Please don't keep reposting it, to THIS list.  It will not generate an
>avalanche of new subscriptions. 

No I don't want to join another list. I do, however, think some 
discussion of Bwiti is appropriate, Patrick, even as to its 
connection w. other religions. But I am not interested in receiving 
anyone's finished Gospel-- only in studying how it incorporates 
elements of older faiths, a la the Passover Plot.

Besides, Don, don't you have some kind of pharmaceutical addiction 
that renders your decision-making faculties kind of suspect as far as 
determination of ultimate reality  is concerned? Standard issue 
Christianity is a panacea for people with a weak reality sense. Would 
you try Ibogaine instead?



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