[ibogaine] Where is this from???

Dana Beal dana at cures-not-wars.org
Wed Jul 24 16:43:41 EDT 2002

>On [Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 12:29:01PM -0700], [Carrie Rollins] wrote:
>| Who is this and where is this from? That attached is
>| from greenparty groups I'm reading and I find this in
>| the middle of it, which was never on this list in the
>| first place. Did I miss it or what is this about?
>That was private email between a couple of people, which Dana reprinted in
>his MMM newsletter, since he was one of the people involved.

But did you send it to Dave Michon? I never saw a reply. Interesting 
that you paired it to a response to Richard Lake.


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