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Hi again, Les. 

Yes, now you've jogged my memory -- I have read about this. 

Here's my take on this type of approach. I have no doubt it could work. I
know firsthand how powerful psychic housecleaning can be. 

I'm still convinced that drug use has a bio-chemical component. It's a
chicken and egg question. If you undergo an "enlightenment" experience that
instantaneously removes a source of psychological stress, yup, that could do
it, partly because it will cause a re-regulation of neurotransmitter levels.

Or you could rebalance your brain chemistry and suddenly find out that those
old childhood traumas somehow don't affect you quite like they used to. 

Or better yet, do both. 

What you're saying about the battle to have a non-mainstream therapy
accepted -- that, I can relate to! Dr. Gant has the independently-conducted
clinical outcome study showing success rates of up to 83 percent, and the
mainstream media ignores it, because if you admit there's some validity
there you have to throw so much out of the window, including AA and an
entire industry based on drugging people for psychological conditions. 

I'm afraid the media, FDA and pharmacueticals wield so much institutional
control that it takes miracles any more to get around them. 

I will visit the website. Thanks. 


Hi Kirsten:  Ibogaine Therapy really helps people get to the "root" causes
of substance 
abuse (in fact, it is even made out of a "root").    
The client undergoes a self-reflective and introspective "vision quest" 
(that often involves a vivid regression to childhood memories) and discovers

the underlying causes for otherwise  seemingly irrational behavior 
(such as cravings for alcohol and other drugs) 
 The treatment is not "substituting one drug dependency for another",
once is usually enough. This is also why the pharmaceutical industry is not 
interested in funding the clinical trials for FDA approval... the product is

inexpensive and there is no recurring income (such as with methadone 
maintenance).  For additional information, please go to the Ibogaine Dossier
website at 
http://www.ibogaine.org/  We have connections to a M.D. in Brazil with 
permission to conduct therapeutic research with Ibogaine under a controlled 
clinical setting. I look forward to your comments and questions.  >> 
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