[ibogaine] Where is this from???

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at mindvox.com
Wed Jul 24 15:47:36 EDT 2002

On [Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 03:37:53PM -0400], [NeuroSkull at aol.com] wrote:

| If you come over to this List:  <kotas4christ-subscribe at mindvox.com>  I'm 
| talking about something I know you'll understand and I promise not to get mad 
| at you.  I talk about Jesus over there on that List.  Ummm.....  speaking of 
| stabbings..  I was stabbed once, actually several times, but it happened on 
| two or three different occassions.    Come learn about the Love and Light 
| that is Jesus Christ, come to the kotas4christ List... Kotas, that's me.  
| It's a name, it's Greek, but I'm a mutt.  Sorta Greek, Czech mix.. Bohemian.  
| But does that really matter?  Naaah.  COME ON OVER!  WHEW!

Don, just a gentle reminder.  Your World Ministries, are now Fully
Operational.  It might be a great idea to promote awareness of this in
Other Places.  Such as, fer instance, wherever it is that Persons who Wish
to Receive Christ, like to hang out.  You would know where that is, much
better than I.

This list in particular, prolly contains a large majority who are not --
right at this moment -- interested in hearing The Gospel.  Which is one
of the reasons I gave you the list in the first place.  In the event
anyone feels the need to Be Saved, they *know* where to go.  You've told

Please don't keep reposting it, to THIS list.  It will not generate an
avalanche of new subscriptions.  



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